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The Benefit of Radio Phone-In’s – Part 2

The second part of our blog on the importance and effect that radio phone-in’s have had on the world continues with the ability for people to vent anger and disagreement. In Europe recently the Brexit issue has sparked lively debate on both sides of the English Channel.


The Benefit of Radio Phone-In’s – Part 1

Over the years Radio has provided many benefits for the local community, and in the UK radio stations like BBC and local commercial stations have captured the imagination of listeners with every manner of phone-in program. From sporting, to general debate about local issues, phone-ins engage with the community.


Community Radio and the Developing World – Part 2

To give the utmost benefit to the communities they serve community radio stations should have a social agenda and should never be motivated by making a profit. Whenever possible they should also engage communities to get involved in decision-making and to participate as much as they can in community events.


Community Radio and the Developing World – Part 1

Community radio stations in Africa and other parts of the developing world are a highly important tool for enabling isolated communities to voice their opinions and concerns. This blog concentrates on how community radio, particularly in Africa, discusses with ordinary rural citizens issues that are central to them. This could be sharing farming tips, helping […]