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How to Run Community Radio Events – Part 2

Community Radio Stations: – Operated in the Community – About the Community – By the Community Communities referred to above can be based around a city or town, perhaps centered around a particular interest, or religion. And many community radio stations empower their audiences to engage in the process of democracy at a very grass […]


How to Run Community Radio Events – Part 1

There are three types of Radio stations around the world that are available to listen to, the most popular is commercial radio run as a profit-making organization and containing advertising. The next two radio stations can be linked, firstly government controlled or assisted radio, and community radio which is sometimes called local radio as it […]


What Community Radio Does for a Community – Part 2

Tuning in to your community radio station is like calling on an old friend. It dispenses information and hosts chat shows that are particularly relevant to you personally. This is the beauty of community radio, it stretches out into the community it belongs to, and engages with them. In part one of this blog we […]