Hot Tips for Becoming a Great Radio Presenter

Talking on the radio to some can come as naturally as talking on the phone comes to your mother, but more often than not it takes practise and understanding to become as casual the best DJ’s out there.

If you’re looking to find your radio voice and build a stronger connection to your audience then we have a few tips to help you master your presence and conquer your audience in order to create an awesome show.

Know the Listener

It’s always worth engaging with your listeners and making them feel like there are part of the show but sometimes that can require a bit of background information before that. Listener stats can help this, finding out who is listening, where they’re from and why they like your show can help you out tremendously. Once you know these points you can begin working on tailoring your presenting to fit your audience and making them enjoy the show even more. You want to be trying to create moments that the audience can really relate to, that will make them feel not only like they know you but like you know them too, people love a personal touch.

Address the Individual

Unlike so many forms of media, radio is most often listened to by solo listeners, that’s to say that people listen whilst on their own and it is so important to remember to address them as such. This means tailoring the way you speak and the words you use, think of cutting out phrases that address the masses like “you all”, “those of you out there” and “some of you”. These kinds of phrases are less engaging, you want to cultivate a sort of ‘you and I’ relationship with the listener instead.

The Host with the Most

As ridiculous as this may sound you have to remember that you are the host. That means you need to host well, you’re guiding the listener through your show, be energetic but still calm and keep your audience feeling upbeat and amused throughout. Try to avoid ever confusing the listener, be concise and take talk them through everything you’re doing, this is radio after all and it isn’t a visual medium. Good hosting doesn’t mean you need to prattle on about every tiny detail though, remember often less words can be better than more and nobody will complain about having to listen to two songs instead of one.

You Gotta Be You

The age-old adage that only really ever makes sense once you’ve naturally achieved it, ‘just be yourself’. I understand this can often either seem an illusive target or simply a terrifying one but people will like you when you’re just acting naturally talking about things that are genuinely on your mind. To you it may even be embarrassing to share these thoughts but you can bet on the fact that many will agree with you, and is people don’t you’ve got yourself a talking topic to run with so go ahead and open up, it’ll get you much further