How to Run Community Radio Events – Part 2

Community Radio Stations: – Operated in the Community – About the Community – By the Community

Communities referred to above can be based around a city or town, perhaps centered around a particular interest, or religion. And many community radio stations empower their audiences to engage in the process of democracy at a very grass roots level through social interaction and diversity. Some radio stations find that in addition to broadcasts, hosting outside events to get to know and meet their listeners helps immensely. In this blog we see what these events might be and how to run a community event.

ommunity Radio Stations: – Operated in the Community – About the Community – By the Community

Market Your Event

You might think that marketing a community radio event is just as simple as broadcasting it over the station’s airways. But if you are looking to augment your listening public then you have to find new avenues to find new listeners.

Proven tactics for marketing outside events include:

Word of Mouth – Email – Posters in Local Shops – Signs Around Towns – What’s On’ Columns – Online – Social Media – Local Community Newsletters – Local Newspapers – Community Service Announcements.

All the above are tried and tested ways of making an even bigger splash about a community event and the best thing about them all they are more or less free.

What are the Most Successful Events to Run?

There are many kinds of events that are really good for a community radio station to host, and the most successful will engage with the public at every level. What is particularly advantageous is to have a really good cause or charity behind your event that is connected directly to the community.

Hosting an event just to raise money for the station is not good enough, but if the event included a hefty donation for a local hospital for instance, then it would be far more attractive to the community.

Great events for community radio stations to host include:

Sporting Events – Musical Events – Learning and Workshop Events – Medical Events and Testing – General Debate and Speaking Forums – Nature Events – Celebrations of Local Interest and History – Charity Events.

The list above is just a sample of events that will add benefit to a community as well as providing fun and entertainment.

Why Does a Radio Station Have to Get Out and About?

Even though a radio station may broadcast 24/7 and 52 weeks in a year, it is essential that they are not remote from their listeners. And this is especially true for community radio. Getting out and about allows both the station and the community to get to know each other better.People are far more likely to air their opinions in person if they get a chance to do so informally. Thus, radio station employees can gauge at first hand if they are doing a good job or not in servicing their community. Often it is the simplest of things that bring the greatest benefits, and feedback by word of mouth is imperative.

Why Does a Radio Station Have to Get Out and About?

Community radio stations have the opportunity to add great benefits to a community, that is if they are properly run and know what the community most need. Outside events are just one idea to get a community together and exchange points of view, there are many more.