Segment Ideas for Community Radio

Community radio is an unsung hero when it comes to bringing people together. It’s a great opportunity to really celebrate your area and the people that live there whilst having fun and entertaining people at the same time. And that’s the key, no matter what you should always be looking at new ways to keep your show fun, to keep it entertaining so that people will keep listening. There’s a lot of competition out there, major radio stations are of course the most obvious but podcasts are also a very popular audio medium, in order to combat that you’ll need to get creative with your own, take advantage of that live feed and hit up your show with a few segments. Here are a few basic ideas to start you off and help you come up with a few of your own.


Guests are excellent for keeping your show fresh and up to date, as long as you keep getting new people on your show, you’ll keep having new material so it’ll always feel fresh. Firstly, the guests themselves will bring new listeners onboard, they’ll have their own following and likely share details of their appearance through their social media outlets so it’s great for boosting numbers. It also brings to life that all important community aspect of your show, it doesn’t necessarily have to be big names that you get in, local people will also create brilliant conversations, you can even let them take over the show for a segment, who knows what laughs may come out of it?

Of the Day

There are plenty of micro segments you can do to involve listeners, and this is where you can really take advantage of that live feed aspect of your show. I’m talking about things like a ‘Question of the Day’ segment, in which you offer a question out to your listeners and get them answer it via social media (Twitter is great for this), later in the show you can spend a minute going through some of these answers, picking the best or most varied ones. Other ideas like this are a ‘Fact of the Day’ where you can get listeners to send in bizarre facts or offer you own out, the same can be done with a ‘Quote of the Day’ segment too.

Social Media

As you can already see (and probably already know) social media is an extremely useful tool that you can take advantage of when putting together your shows. There are all sorts of segments that you can involve the use of it with. One great way to engage your audience and have a bit of fun is to create a hashtag, a funny topic that everyone can relate too perhaps (think along the lines of #FirstWorldProblems) and see what people post for it, again you can spend a minute or so reading these out and you’ll be surprised at how much fun some of the responses will create. Like I say, the aim is to have fun so try and think which of these would work for your show or how you could change them so that they will.