The Best American Radio Talk Show Hosts

Radio talk shows are popular all over the world, and in the U.S.A they are almost a national institution. Some of these more popular radio shows have now gone online and the popularity of podcasts are becoming more and more in vogue.

But this blog is more concerned with some of the favorite talk show hosts that are based in America, and can be heard via podcasts, and why their shows are particularly popular. We start our blog over at Coast to Coast Radio and the immensely popular George Noory.

George Noory

Coast to Coast broadcast one of the most popular talk shows in America with the effervescent George Noory. The real success of this show is the wide selection of topics that are regularly discussed all about the paranormal. You never quite know what is on the agenda next.This keeps every eerie broadcast fresh and surprising, from crop circles, to U.F.O’S and everything in between. Of course, such a subject brings out many cranks and that is where the entertainment factor comes in, and George Noory hosts it all brilliantly.


Al Sharpton

One subject that is bound to get people dialing up their local radio station to air their views is civil liberties. Al Sharpton provokes the listener to join in with the radio debate on every facet of civil rights. The discussions are often very heated from callers that have experienced abuse at first hand. Sharpton’s style is unique and his way of getting the message over is unconventional. But the thing is the message is broadcast loud and clear.


Some may find this talk show cringe-worthy, but host Delilah presents her Love-Fest talk show with dignity and and quality. All her callers contact the stations with tales of genuine humanity, most of them are about love and kindness.These tales could be of deployed soldiers sending family messages, to people talking about other tear-jerking material. A great deal of listeners will find the subject matter too smothered in molasses, but for those who connect with the content it can be a great comfort.

Jeremy Vine

This no holds barred British presenter is always focusing on topics that are current and in the news of today. Mostly Americans listen to his talk show online, to hear a different slant on current American news from across the pond.

In the UK, this highly educated talk show host is highly regarded, his journalistic style is without prejudice and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. If somebody calls the station without doing their homework first they will often get short shrift from the acerbic presenter.  

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais has become immensely popular in America, this British comedian is often politically incorrect and much of the content of his show will be offensive in some way or form. However, he is hilarious and often right on the money.

Ricky Gervais

Gervais delivers his commentary with biting wit, laced with sarcastic overtones. As for his callers they are mostly like lambs to the slaughter and you wonder why they called the radio station in the first place. These radio presenters all have one thing in common, first and foremost they are entertainers and they are the pick of the bunch.