The Equipment You Need to Start Broadcasting Part 1

Community radio is a great thing, bringing something unique and interesting to the local area, not just for listeners but for the people who’d like to take part and get involved too. It’s beneficial to any community, building relationships and bridges between divides, allowing people to be heard and hopefully beneficial changes to be made too. Despite all this not all areas have them. If you’ve been thinking of trying to set up a local station but seen how hard and expensive it can be don’t be put off, you can make things a whole lot easier by setting up an internet radio station. It won’t take you long to find a hosting service that best aligns with your needs. Most will come with a monthly fee that will be easily payable once you start setting up ads and taking donations, check out sites like that also come with tips to help you get up and running to.

Broadcasting  Equipment
Broadcasting Equipment

There are all sorts of things that you’ll need to approach if you are thinking of starting your own station, things like getting local coverage, connecting with listeners and taking on volunteers. But before you start working out and of that you’ll want to make sure you know exactly what sort of gear you’ll need in order to actually create shows and produce content. Now, I can’t really help you when it comes to finding a place to record these things but I can give you some tips so you’ll at least know what equipment to get when the time is right. So, with that in mind let us take a look at just what gear you’ll need to get started.

A Microphone

We’ll start with one of the most obvious pieces of equipment that you will need, the microphone. When it comes to microphones, it can be hard to know where to start, there are so many out there for you to choose from. If you have a low budget you can simply look for the best cheap mic out there and it’ll do the job but I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a nice professional sound if this is the case. It is of course worth investing in a decent high-quality microphone if you think this will cause an issue (really when representing your community, you should go for a professional sounding device). If the budget is tough though you may not have a choice, but you can always look at upgrading as soon as possible too.

A Microphone
A Microphone

If that’s the case you do want to start small then I’d recommend getting something like the Snowball Condenser Microphone from Blue Microphones. This is a simple to use USB mic that will give you some of the best quality available for the price. It’ll set you back around £50, which for a mic like this is very reasonable, and works with both PC and Mac computers. Simply plug it in and away you go.