Unusual Topics for Your Radio Show

With the advancement of on-demand services and content streaming, live radio has taken a bit of a back seat in recent years. Podcasts in particular have experienced a massive boom in interest, as well as live streams on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. However, this doesn’t necessarily spell the end of radio as we know it; many people still enjoy the comforting sound of a live radio show, and those that don’t listen live can still enjoy it through catch-up services like BBC Sounds and Radioplayer.

So, we’ve established that making a radio show is still worth your while, but how do you effectively attract new listeners and retain loyal fans? One way is to offer interesting and unusual content that they are unlikely to hear anywhere else. You can approach this from an expert standpoint if you have a lot of knowledge in one area, or from the perspective of a beginner, going on a learning journey along with your listeners. Read on for some inspiring ideas on how to expand your show’s unique selling points.

Radio show
Radio show

Online Gaming

Online gaming is currently experiencing a boom in interest, much like social media live streams and TV streaming sites. So, why not get involved with the topic of the moment and host a gaming segment on your show? This could involve innovative new gaming techniques like AR and VR, classics like blackjack and roulette, multiplayer battle royales or new titles like Returnal and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This is one subject that people are bound to have an opinion on, whether they’re big gamers or not, so it bodes well for some good audience participation. As the gaming world is, by nature and design, one that contains constant updates, there should be consistent new content for you to discuss all the year round as new titles, updates and consoles are released. This could be a topic that draws in news listeners and sparks great conversations; it’s an opportunity to bring the gaming community to the world of radio.

Home Décor

As the millennial generation come into their inheritance and, despite popular opinion, start to climb the property ladder, home decorating is experiencing a shake-up. Muted colours, natural fabrics and minimalist design are proving popular and many influencers are getting in on the home design market. Although it may seem like an odd choice of topic to cover over the airwaves, this could be a great opportunity to invite guests on to your show to talk about the latest in interior design. You could offer tips for decorating small spaces, advice on how to decorate with a small budget, and savvy hints for people who want to make their rented property feel like a home. There is a lot of scope to explore with this subject, which feels particularly timely as we move into winter; a time when most of us spend a lot of our day indoors.

Pet Training

Pet ownership has shown a significant increase over the past decade, with many more people adopting furry friends to make their life that bit more enjoyable. The world of service animals has also expanded to include those that help people with a wide range of issues and disabilities. Although service animals will come fully trained for their specific job, those people who have bought a new puppy or adopted a rescue dog may appreciate advice on how to implement effective training. It can be a bit hit and miss whether an adopted animal is already trained, and even baby animals bought from breeders will react differently according to their temperament. A regular pet training segment filled with advice, real life stories and the words of experts will attract a wide range of listeners including those already having problems with their pets and people who are considering adopting an animal for the first time.

Bullet Journaling/Journaling

Despite the fact that most people now have a smart phone in their back pocket as well as some other device at home like a tablet or laptop, pen and paper journaling has taken off in a big way. The Pinterest world is full of different bullet journal layouts, the best pens and notebooks to buy, and advice on how to get started in the bujo world. A radio segment on this slow living pastime could have a soothing quality that many people are craving in amongst the busy whirl of a frantic modern world. Bullet journaling gurus are big on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, so why not introduce this hobby to the world of radio? There is scope for listener phone ins, talking about what has worked for them in their own bujo journey, and for guest speakers to talk about the original bullet journal principles, how to adapt them and, most importantly, which pastel highlighters are the best to use!

Recording an interview
Recording an interview