Why Run a Community Radio Station – Part 1

Community radio satisfies many important elements, both for the people that run the station and the community that it serves. Nearly every community radio station is a nonprofit organization, with some paid employees, even the DJ’s are normally volunteers.

Why Run a Community Radio Station – Part 1

So why do people want to run a community radio station? There is little or no monetary incentive, and it is really hard work. In this blog we hope to answer that question to look at the motives of these dedicated band of radio entrepreneurs.

Volunteer Organization is Challenging

One very good reason for people to do anything is to get the feeling of achievement. To prove you are a success in something that you have never previously attempted. That is why people climb mountains, learn another language, and to form community radio stations. Just the mechanics of getting a team around you, all working for free, that can gel and have the qualities to get a project off the ground and perform a great service to the community is an achievement in itself. The leadership team that makes up any organization is key, and community radio is no different.

If the volunteers working in the radio station feel that they are actually a part of something special and that the leaders are communicating in an honest way, then they apply themselves to their volunteer tasks more readily and with gusto. This is because the powers that be have turned their radio station into a family affair, and one that is operated with love and compassion.

Community Radio Brings a Team Together

Everybody immediately thinks of the listening community that a radio station benefits. However, a community radio station benefits the entire team that runs it. Events such as fundraisers bring the radio team together with its community and this can be especially rewarding.

Community Radio Brings a Team Together

A bond is formed with the volunteers, a feeling of camaraderie and good spirit is raised with one communal goal, and that is of course the radio station. Working for no salary has its own distinct benefits to being paid for a job, people do the work because they are genuinely keen on what they are doing and not because they have to pay the rent.

Bringing a Community Together

The most important benefit of running a community radio station is the services it supplies to a local community.  A local radio station can not only bring a community together but make it more interactive and beneficial to the people who live in the community.It is a proven excellent way of communicating to a mass audience and is free for the community to be a part of, they simply have to own a radio. All manner of local announcements and news can be relayed to the community at an instant.

And the best thing about it all is that it for the community and by the community. No big media oligarch is getting rich by advertising other people’s goods and services. In fact, the only advertising that generally takes place is for fund raising or community events which all contributes to bringing the community together. In part two of this blog we see even more reasons why people run community radio stations.