Why Run a Community Radio Station – Part 2

It is time to tune in again to the second part of our blog why people take the time and effort to run a community radio station. As we already explored, we found out that for the most part there are few salaried positions in a community radio operation, and such a venture is purely based as a non-profit organization.

Why Run a Community Radio Station – Part 2

We also discovered that most people that decide to run a community radio station do it for the community that it serves. It is also something that they feel passionately about, and want to put something back into the community that they live in.

A Stepping Stone

Sometimes a community radio station is used as a stepping stone, to larger radio experiences. Perhaps the organizers wish to later operate a commercial station and are using the community radio station as a stepping stone and a means to an end.

This is a particularly good idea for a number of reasons:

  • Hands on experience how to run a radio station.
  • Build up a listener base.
  • Time to apply for commercial licenses etc.
  • Perfect programs and radio policy.
  • Refine presenters and DJ’s.
  • Time to look for advertisers.

It is true that many fledgling DJ’s, news and weather presenters all cut their teeth in community and hospital radio before they become professional and work for salaries.

Broadcasting for a Cause

One of the reasons of starting a community radio station is for a cause, and part of the key to doing this is that you have to make the mission for the radio station very clear. What is the goal of your community station? This question really has two answers or parts to it.

  1. Radio related – the technical side of things such as getting a broadcasting frequency and license.
  2. Community related – how you serve the community and does it offer involvement to the members of the community in a transparent way.

The cause your radio station has at is core is critical to its effect. And getting this out to the community is vital for the future success of the station. There are many ways you can do this, as well as FM broadcasting do not forget online streaming. Social media allows the members of the community to interact in real-time, and this allows a great platform for participation. And is always another way of extending the community of listeners, it is quite usual that the younger elements of a community are more likely to pick up transmissions via social media rather than listening on a radio.

Broadcasting for a Cause

If your cause involves the younger age group then this area of publicity may be crucial if the radio station is successful or not. The great benefit of this channel is it is completely free and is not hard to do at all, it has the added bonus of being able to carry images as well. As we have seen there are many reasons why someone may wish to start a community radio station, and there are great benefits to be had from doing so. Community radio is a godsend to many people as it provides information and fuels a sense of community spirit.